1 Light vaporization
2 Temperature increase/Thermal shock
3 Sensory level assessment
Sensory Deviations

Most common deviations

Musty odors TCA (2, 6, 4) - Trichloroanisole Octene-3-ol: Mushroom Odors Geosmin: Odors of the Earth IPMP (3-isopropyl 2-methoxypyrazine) MIB (2 melliisoborneol): Earthy Odors Others: Boxes, Eucalyptus, Pine

Products improved with Sainov

Sanatur Free Sanpor Free
Sustainable Technology Sustainable
Granulometry Homogeneity
of the granules
Functional Treatment Functional treatment
in different particle sizes
Multiple Cycle Treatment Multiple
treatment cycles

This granule treatment system adds the value of the TCA Free guarantees to the technical corks manufactured by SACORK, without compromising the natural properties that characterize cork, guaranteeing a high performance seal.

During the SaFree process, the granules are treated using consecutive steam and drying zones in order to eliminate external contamination. This process is also responsible for standardizing the quality of the granules in order to improve their performance.

Products enhanced with SaFree

Satek OriginFree Satek FineFree Satek PremiumFree Sa Champagne Free